Rank: Able Seaman

Listing: MPK


Born on 28th July 1900 in Rotherhithe, Able Seaman Arthur Gray joined the Royal Navy sometime before 1929 and served in a number of RN ships and units (see list below) before joining HMS Dunedin on 6th February 1941. Sadly, nothing is known about what happened to Arthur when Dunedin was hit, but his brother later learnt that a cockney sailor had left one of the rafts, saying “I’m going for a wet”, a cockney phrase for “going for a beer” which Arthur was known to use himself. His family have often wondered whether this was Arthur.


Arthur’s ships and units:

Egmont: pre-1929

Winchelsea:  pre-1929

Courageous:22 June 1929

Barham: 17 Nov 1929

Victory: 3 July 1930

RFR: 28 July 1930

Victory: 28 September – 3 October 1938

Cochrane: June 1939

Willow: 15 June 1939

Unicorn: 1 October 1939

Victory: 10 October 1939

Dunluce Castle: 7 November 1939

Dunedin: 6 February 1941


I am grateful to William and Barbara Gray for this information and the photo.