Jack Harper   Musician RM


Jack Harper was born in Lydd, Kent in 1919.

Jack joined HMS Dunedin in August 1939 serving off Cape Town, Northern Patrol, West Indies and West Africa.

Following the sinking of HMS Dunedin, he left Trinidad on 10th December for the UK on Duchess of York arriving home on Christmas eve.

Jack joined HMS Newfoundland on New Year’s Eve 1942 in Newcastle.

During the Sicily landings, HMS Newfoundland was torpedoed on 23rd July 1943, with major stern damage. The ship was taken to Boston USA for repairs, where the band played to military and civilian audiences.

Jack married Dorothy in October 1945 and had one son Stephen.

Jack subsequently joined the RAOC band and served in Portsmouth and Blackdown.

Jack died at the early age of 48 in 1968.


I am grateful to Jack’s son, Steve Harper, for the text and the photos.