24th November 2011Around fifty members of the Dunedin Society gathered at the Portsmouth Naval memorial, in Southsea, to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the sinking of HMS Dunedin.

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Portsmouth News

Here is all the Portsmouth News coverage, including correspondence in the days following the reunion.

Portsmouth Evening News preview

Portsmouth Evening News initial report

Portsmouth News 25th November 2011 (click on thumbnail below for bigger image)

Portsmount News 25-11-11


Portsmouth News correspondence

On 29th November, a letter appeared in the Portsmouth News headlined “The Men of Dunedin were Abandoned” from Mr John Boxall (far left, below), followed by a response from Mr Allan Chamberlain. Unfortunately, Mr Boxall’s letter was inaccurate and gave an incorrect account of Admiralty actions in the immediate aftermath of the sinking. The men of HMS Dunedin were not “abandoned” by the Admiralty and the third letter, far right, by Stuart Gill, sets the record straight. Click on the thumbnails for bigger images.

Portsmouth News Dec 11 001        Portsmouth News Dec 11 003    Portsmouth News Dec 11 002






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