In memory of HMS Dunedin and her Men

Minnie – the ship’s Cat

Minnie - the ship's Cat

“Ship’s cat HMS Dunedin. Lost when ship was sunk by U-boat on 24 November 1941”

Minnie & Kittens

Photograph sent home for Christmas 1940, by Lt-Cmdr Sowdon: His caption is – “Minnie eats her dinner but her family was fidgety so had to be held”

Thanks go to Tommy Handley and Anne Randall (Lt-Cmndr Sowdon’s daughter) for these photographs.

Ward, RM

Biographical Notes

Mentioned in newspaper report. Previously survived sinking of Royal Oak. One of five survivors from original 22 on Dunedin raft. Reportedly dived into sea five times to rescue companions.

Wood, SR

Biographical Notes

Mentioned in Watson Report:

“On board S. S. NISHMAHA as was recorded by the Master in his letter dated 16th December, 1941, C. Yeo. Sigs. Lavington, E. R. A. Hicks and P. O. Butler were of great assistance in tending the sick and injured. Yeo. Woods deserves to be added to this list.”

Watson, AO

AO WatsonBiographical Notes

Senior surviving Officer. Author of official report of sinking.

The discovery, in 2015, of his manuscript notes on how many men made it to the rafts prompted new research into the rescue of the survivors and the fate of some of the men who were lost.