In memory of HMS Dunedin and her Men

Sullivan, Henry

I am grateful to Mr Fred Larimore for sending me the following information in October 2007 Last April I obtained a single GV Naval LSGC named to “R.M.B. 2551 H. Sullivan Mus. H.M.S. Hood” He was serving on the Hood when he received his LSGC 23 Sept 1934. He served on the Hood for a good period of time from 11 Aug 1933 to 29 July 1936. He joined HMS…

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Simmons, Noel George

Number NZD 561 Ordinary Seaman Noel Simmons served in HMS Dunedin from 3rd June 1924 to the 28th August 1925. He was discharged on medical grounds from a knee injury suffered while playing rugby for the Navy team. At 96 years of age, George was our oldest living Dunedin veteran. Sadly, he died in 2005.

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Prideaux, A

Biographical Notes Appointed August 1939 aged 21. Left October 1939. Later joined the submarine service.

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Pond, Frederick

Frederick Pond’s son, David, wrote in July 2009: “….My late father, Frederick Pond had served as signalman aboard HMS Dunedin in the 1930’s before transferring to HMS Achilles. His family had emigrated from England to New Zealand in 1929 to settle in Christchurch………” David also sent several photographs, see below….  

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Pearcey, George

 Biographical Notes Born 17.11.1893, George is second from left at the back in the photograph. The writing on the back of the photograph says “The electric light party of our ship”. George Pearcey died in 1975.

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Nalder, Harold Fielding

  Served in Dunedin  July  – December 1938, when he was promoted to Captain.

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Muckersie, R

Biographical Notes Dunedin’s first casualty, washed overboard around 8 pm on 10th September 1939 while Dunedin was on Northern Patrol.

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Miller, Peter

Biographical Notes Also called Dusty, Miller Served in Caribbean, left Dunedin in Glasgow after contracting beri-beri. Not on board when Dunedin sunk.

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Mantell, Keith

 Keith joined Dunedin on 20th October 1940 after a spell in HMS Rodney. He was a member of the prize crew of the French Vichy ship D’Entrecasteaux captured by Dunedin in July 1941. On arriving at Freetown on 19th September 1941, Keith received his orders to join HMS Vansittart. Keith later became a prominent and valued member of the Dunedin Society, attending reunions and giving us all his first hand accounts of life on board HMS Dunedin. He very generously made available his personal journal, which I was honoured to use as a source for my book, “Blood in the Sea”. He died on 24th February 2007 and is sadly missed.

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Lambe, CE

 Biographical Notes Born Stalbridge 20 December 1900, descended from Rear Admiral Sir Thomas Lows, who fought at the Nile. Entered Osbourne as a cadet in 1914. Midshipman 1917, served in Emperor of India (Battleship) until end of War. 1932: Hawkins (cruiser) 1933: promoted Commander; staff of Admiral AB Cunningham. 1935: Vernon (Torpedo Anti-Submarine School) as Commander; Equerry to King Edward VIII, then same appointment with King George VI. December 1937: promoted Captain. January 1939 to October 1940: Captain of Dunedin. Oct 1940 to 1944: Naval Assistant to the Director of Plans, then Deputy Director, then Director of Plans, and a member of the Joint Planning Staff, which was overseen by Churchill.

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Laland, Richard

Richard Laland served in Dunedin as a Boy before the war and went on to become one of the few survivors of the loss of HMS Barham the day after HMS Dunedin was hit. He wrote to the Dunedin Society in 2006 with the following information about his wartime experiences. The “Fred” to whom he refers is Fred Hawks. I was very interested in your article in the Ganges gazette about HMS Dunedin having spent seven months in her 1937-38. I joined the RN Jan.’ 37 at Ganges and was drafted from there to the Dunedin  Oct.29th.’ 37. At that time the Dunedin was used as a boys sea going training ship, spending most of our time exercising in the Solent. After scrubbing decks at 0630 every morning, have breakfast and change into…

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Johnson, Tom

Tom Johnson joined the ship about the time that she was brought forward in 1938 and he and three other Boys were moved in a block to HMS Nelson – he ended up a Chief GI, and served in the Dartmouth Squadron.

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