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Royal Marine Survivors

Macaulay, Robert James

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Biographical Notes

One of three survivors on the first raft to be rescued by SS Nishmaha, along with Marine Bill Gill and ship’s joiner, Thomas Moore. Twenty-one men had originally made it to this raft.

Sgt Macauley joined the Royal Marine Light Infantry in October 1916 and, as far as is known, was the last of the old “Red Marines”. He was promoted to Corporal in 1922, Sergeant in 1935 and Colour Sergeant in 1940. He served in HMS Ark Royal, HMS Hawkins, HMS Dunedin and HMS Cleopatra. From 1954 to 1962 he was an instructor in the Royal Naval detention centre in Portsmouth dockyard.

He was married to Edith Muriel in 1932 and had four children.

He retired from the Marines in 1962 after 40 years in the service and died on 3rd October 1973.