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Woodley, (Harry) Henry George James

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Hannover prize crew

Harry Wooley is Second from left in the front row.

Harry Woodley Photo Album

A sample from Harry’s Photo Album








Biographical Notes

Harry Woodley joined HMS Dunedin in 1939 and survived her sinking. He was part of the prize crew that took over the captured German merchant ship, Hannover, in March 1940 in the Caribbean.

Harry died in 1993.

April 2010:

After the war, Harold wrote about HMS Dunedin and her sinking. I am grateful to his daughter, Carolyn Woodley, who generously made his original account available to the Dunedin Society. At the time of writing, we have what appears to be the first half of his account. We hope that the rest of it will turn up too.

Over the next few weeks I will be uploading Harold’s account in segments. Click on the links below.

Part One: Freetown

Part Two: Concert Party and Preparing to Leave Freetown for the last time

Part Three: Monday 21st November – Dinner then into the South Atlantic